Tiny Tales Thursday...

After a quick discussion about religion, the Pope and original sin on the way to soccer practice...
Emmy: Momma, can girls be the Pope?
Me: No, baby... only men.
Emmy: Well that’s dumb.
Me: well, that’s the rule.
Emmy: But Mary said yes and had our SAVIOR... isn’t that worth something?

Touché, Emmy. Touché.


Tiny Tales Thursday...

We went to a live nativity scene last weekend at a stop in Bethlehem as part of the Georgetown Christmas Stroll. Front row seats, awesome music, beautiful reminder of the reason for the season. It was almost just too good to be true.

And it would have been, had it not been for a kid that wanted nothing more than to pester the entire audience. He was calling to the animals, jumping up and down in the front, being loud, etc... and this wasn't a "little kid" this was a 10 or 11 year old.

Pops was not impressed. And neither was Radley. As soon as the show was over, he stood up, looked at us and said, "Where in the heck are that kid's parents??"


Small town Christmastime...

Radley had a soccer tournament in Round Rock so we decided to make an entire fun-filled day out of it. He had two games on Saturday that did not result in wins (one was a tie and he scored the tying goal) so we needed a little Christmas to lift our spirits! Between games we ran to Ikea (where I promptly decided I was throwing everything I own away, buying a flat in London, and surrounding myself in coffee and books) and I also ran into one of my sorority sisters who talked us out of driving into Austin and instead heading to her hometown for their annual Georgetown Christmas Stroll

Best.Decision.Ever. I can't even describe how amazing this afternoon was and we immediately knew that we had done the smart thing when we arrived, promptly parked (for FREE) less than a hundred yards away from the festivities, and were greeted with a kiddie train (again FREE). 

The girls were set on riding in that first cart and Radley thought about being too big to go for a split second then decided he'd hop on, too. 

We couldn't find on thing that wasn't lovely - from the adorable welcome sign...

to the sweet swings. 

Every part of this celebration was as charming as could be! They set up a miniature "ice rink" for the kids and my crew couldn't wait to get on. 

Radley is definitely more nimble on a soccer field. 

Landry needed some support from Pops. 

And Emersyn just took off! I was a bit surprised and incredibly impressed! 

We couldn't find on thing we didn't love about the day.

Completely unplanned.
No set agenda. 
And themed Christmas outfits clearly weren't a priority.

We simply enjoyed the company of each other and had the most amazing time. 

As we were winding down our day, we walked through the most charming Bethlehem village hosted by a local church. 

The kids got to visit tons of vendors representing various markets in Bethelem. A perfume shop, produce, basket weaving, and even a place that let them dye cloth. 

Radley's favorite may have been the Roman guard. Please note that he (Rad and the guard) refused to smile for this picture.

We capped off the night with front row seats for a singing live nativity.

As we were walking back to our car, I snapped a picture of this tree to send to Ryan (who was stuck home working allllll day) (on a Saturday) (booo) and said, "Let's do this to our trees in the back!" So, stay tuned for a completed project in 20 years. 

What an unexpected, unplanned, unimaginably awesome day! I've had a magnet on my fridge for forever it seems that reminds me daily "We plan. God laughs." And it's true, we can plan every single thing down to every single minute and nothing goes "right" - the unexpected happens to throw off our best of intentions. 

Or we can plan nothing and God shows up in giant ways to remind us of His presence and loyalty and love in our lives.