Friday Favorites: "Good" books...

Easter is NEXT week y'all - how is that even possible? And since Easter is really about Jesus and not about a bunny, I wanted to share my kids' favorite bibles in case you need any last minute Easter goodies. These are all King tested and approved...

Radley has probably read his Action Bible a dozen times. He loves that the format is like a graphic novel and I love that he spends so much time in the word.

They also have a devotional. This will make a perfect gift for the end of 4th grade.

The Amazon description says:

The Action Bible Devotional pairs selected stories from the bestselling Action Bible with spiritual lessons and action-adventure missions that launch kids’ faith into everyday life. Covering themes such as friendship, temptation, sibling rivalry, self-esteem, and materialism, The Action Bible Devotional offers a year’s worth of activities, questions, and ideas that will keep young readers engaged with the Bible every day. 

Each kid also has an "adventure bible" that they use at camp. They've also started following along when Ryan reads from our family bible.

We have also enjoyed the Really Wooly Bedtime Prayers book. This is for early/young readers and has been such an encouragement as the kids expand their reading skills. Each page has a bible verse, a quick poem, and a simple prayer.

They have an entire series of books that would be great for Easter gifts, baby gifts, and birthday presents for littles in your life.

Ryan purchased a family reading bible a couple of years ago but we figured out very quickly that Landry was too young. Let's be honest... this isn't the easiest book to get through. ;) We have started reading again and we have really enjoyed the format of this bible and the options it gives you to get through the entire book.

Amazon says:

If you are one of the millions of Christian parents looking for a way to engage and understand the Bible together as a family, The Family Reading Bible is the Bible to meet your needs. Throughout the development of this unique Bible, the special content (reading paths, questions, fun facts, and more) was tested by Christian families just like yours, who provided insightful feedback and help in order to make this Bible useful for you and your family in everyday life. The Family Reading Bible is designed to help parents use the Bible itself as their family devotional tool. A reading system with three easy-to-use paths allows parents to accommodate children of various ages and stages. Readings of manageable length along with age-appropriate, engaging questions will encourage and maintain your kids’ interest in God’s Word. The Family Reading Bible is the perfect tool for parents in their role as the spiritual leaders of their home. 

Three reading tracks: • Track 1: Short Path—for families with tight schedules or children under 9 • Track 2: Long Path—for longer devotional times and children over 9 • Track 3: Off the Beaten Path—provides an opportunity for creative exploration of various topics of the Bible.

As much as I would love to start bible journaling... I don't have Emmy's artistic gift. Instead, the idea of a bible coloring book sounds AMAZING....

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Happy Weekend, friends!


TIny Tales Thursday...

The girls and I were on the way to gymnastics when they started talking about their "whole" names. This lead them to wonder the "whole" name of lots of other people... MaMaw, Gigi, Daddy... and then Landry wanted to know one more...

Landry: Mommy... what's God's full name?
Me: God...
Landry: No... I think it's God Jesus King ... but not like us King...
Emmy: Yeah... just his name, King. Like HE IS A KING.


We try to stick to a pretty solid routine at night because we all function better with sleep. Radley is starting to stay up later which both kills me to see him grow up and makes me so happy to have a late night buddy. He was trying to get a few more minutes reading and I told him he needed to turn the lights out.

Me: Go to bed, buddy...
Radley: But it's the BIBLE... are you saying there's no time for the WORD of GOD?


The kids love to check the mail and sometimes I'm nice and let them because I also love to check the mail... even though most of it is just junk. Landry had the honors the other day and walked in to give me the mail. I went through it and handed her a stack to recycle which included a brochure from a church...

Landry: Mommy... you can't recycle THIS... it has JESUS on it...
Me: Jesus likes us to recycle
Landry: NOT THIS. I'll keep it in MY room.


A break...

While Ryan and I were busy getting the girls room ready the kids were living it up with Gigi and Pops in Waco. They LOVE spending time with them and I'm so grateful for how close they all are. 

I drove up on Wednesday and Landry's birthday celebration continued with the "frousins" at Poppa Rollos. Jenni suggested we go to dinner and then like all good best-friends, showed up with cupcakes and a tiara for the birthday girl. 

As much as I appreciate the quietness of an empty house and the ability to use the restroom without interruption, I sure am happy when we're back together! 

On Thursday morning we headed to Dallas for quick trip to Spark! This is a sister museum to the City Museum we visited in St. Louis. 

If you are within driving distance then I highly recommend you make plans to visit!

There is enough fun for everyone! *Note me in the bottom right

So many nooks and crannies to explore that kept a smile on all of their faces.

Then this girl was even more in heaven when she noticed they had art stations set up!

In between crawling through tunnels and sliding down "the fastest slide ever!" we still made time for a few selfies. (Except Radley who made a friend in exactly 2.4 seconds and was off running around.)

They even have a selfie station which we clearly tested.. 

And as if that wasn't enough fun for one morning... Emmy lost a tooth!

Fun day, awesome break!