Read, know, learn, GO...

As sad as I was to bid summer ado, there is just something so fun about starting a new school year. We took a cue from Andrea and had a Back to School Brinner because the thought of trying to get a hot breakfast together on the first day of school was laughable. 

I set the table using items we had around the house and made sure to put our mantra for the year in the center. 

That Kid President is pretty darn smart. 

While Ryan and I were finishing up dinner, the kids sat at the table and wrote down ways that they will help somebody feel special, loved, appreciated, accepted... 

They thought it was the best start to a dinner ever. 

Meanwhile, dinner was looking AMAZING! (More on the Fed+Fit Book to come...)

I was so impressed with how they want to help others...

Rad: Be helpful and spread kindness - complete with a rainbow and holding up the world
Emersyn: The result of Pete's Dragon... "But, Mommy, Elliot helped Pete when he needed it most. And I want to tell everyone that I love them...just like Jesus."
Landry: Also drew a teensy Elliot the dragon and other things ;)

We had a great dinner and wonderful relaxing night before early bedtimes followed by even earlier alarm clocks. But look at this crew, they are so ready to conquer the year!

My verse for their year comes from Isaiah... 

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

I pray that no matter what the journey brings them, that they rely on His voice to lead them.

I pray that they are the light for others to see. That they show kindness to friends and respect to teachers.

And that they know their biggest built-in fan is just down the hallway if needed. 

We paused for one family pic before their school-year journey began.

We dropped off Radley first and he couldn't wait to get to his seat and get started. They hit the ground running this year - they will be speaking Spanish in both classes for the entire week!!

He had to suffer through four more pictures... please note how thrilled he is with his sisters hugs. HA!

Next up was Emersyn. I couldn't even begin to measure how big her smile was all morning. 

Her jitters from the morning quickly turned to excitement and she was okay with us leaving...Landry; however, wasn't so easy to convince. 

And then there was one... our tiniest tot ready for PRE-K!!!

She ran into her old classroom out of habit and then ERUPTED in giggles and said, "But...I'm in FRIENDSHIP!" A few final hugs and the school year officially began.

I picked them up full of smiles and to top off the big day, we made some big homemade french bread pizzas. Emmy was taking some pre-meal bites of that bread and pizza sauce. 

We ended a very big day with a very quick interview...

Hope your first day back was fantabulous!!! 



I can't believe that school starts tomorrow for the kids. I would like to tell you that we spent the past week totally prepping for the year ahead, but I'd be completely lying to you. We did kick the week off with one of the best meals we have ever eaten ever. Like so freaking good and it was completely paleo friendly until we put it over rice. The combination of capers, green olives and prunes was incredible.

Shelly and I took a trip down memory lane with our latest Spiel the Beans talking about our school days. I didn't share this little gem then but in honor of a big moment for the Kings this week,  decided to gift you this pic. That's HS freshman Katy, and yes she's missing two teeth, because her baby teeth never fell out and she had to get them pulled. Don't worry though - the permanent teeth came in nicely... WHEN I WAS A JUNIOR.

Tomorrow may be the first day of school, but last week was my first day back at work. Radley humored me by taking my back-to-work picture. I can't let the kids have ALL the fun.

I was over being cute by day 2 though. Summer rain means the top knot is back.

Tuesday this little beauty came in... I started following Cassy Joy on Instagram a while back. She was one of Cindy's student employees while at A&M and once she graduated, she adopted a paleo lifestyle and started blogging her journey. She has since gained 10000s of followers, 100s of recipes and a semi-stalker in me. She's just darling and you should follow her on Instagram and SnapChat. She's always sharing tips and tricks and amazing recipes and you will love her. 

Order her amazing book here

Rad slept over at a friends house on Tuesday which meant we got to enjoy a little girls night in - we stayed up late watching silly movies and eating ice cream. 

The next night me and Rad stayed up late because we could.not.stop.reading. The girls benefited from our commitment to the end because they got to stay up late watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua for the 8th time. The next day we made sure to swing by Half Priced Books to snag The Goblet of Fire. I am loving this series and loving the time with him even more.

Not sure how you thank two women that have cared for ALL THREE of your kids over the years. Women that have sometimes (more often than we'd like to admit) spent more hours a week with them than you could. Women that have taught them, held them, and loved them when you couldn't be there. Women who were gifted to us and who we pray for daily. My thanks and gratitude is all I can give, I pray that its enough. Our #lovelylandry starts PreK on Monday...how in the world?!?

Friday brought us to the bowling alley with Landry's friend, Claire. The girls were pretty much the cutest pushing and Landry ended up winning.

This strike helped secure that win - Claire was just as excited as she was... Radley was not.

Friday night was Meet the Teacher - and Radley could not have gotten luckier. I can already tell that he is going to LOVE the 3rd grade and that Mrs. Ferguson and Mr. Solis are going to create such fun for them!

Emmy is a little nervous about moving up to 1st grade, but I think she will brush those nerves off as quick as they here. Mrs. Gonzalez is new this year so we decided they can learn the 1st grade at CHE together!

Rad adored Mrs. Kriscunias and I know Emersyn will too!

When did they become giants?

Seriously - kindergarteners to big giant 3rd graders...I can't even take it!

Saturday meant meal planning and grocery shopping. I haven't put creamer in my coffee since November 1, 2015 thanks to Whole30, so I am completely geeking out over the fact that the Fed and Fit book has HOMEMADE COFFEE CREAMER that is full of only whole ingredients. And all the people said #amen

These girls said amen over the fun carnival that HEB was hosting. I mean, who doesn't love stopping every 5 minutes while shopping with kids?

And then maybe the biggest moment of the week happened - Emersyn lost her FIRST TOOTH! It had been wiggling in there for a while and she finally let Ryan take it out!

Do you see that beautiful creamy coffee??? SO dang AMAZING!

And that's us in an instant! Happy back to school everyone!


Oldie but goodie...

Way back in July I had this crew all to myself for 24 hours. 

And I don't know why I never uploaded them. 

But I didn't want to miss the chance of remembering them like this. 

This silly foursome. 

I want to remember that Radley learned how to treat ladies because he was surrounded by them. 

I want to remember that Emmy, Anna and Caro are wearing 3T, 4T and 5T bathing suits even though they are 6, 7, and 8. 

I want to remember that they played outside for hours without noticing the time. 

I want to remember that they made up silly games and words and laughed all day.

I want to remember that these girls have been brave...


and confident since day one.

And that sometimes they let Radley pick the game. 

I want to remember that for just a split second cereal, popcorn, sprinklers and forts made the BEST.DAY.EVER.

And I want them to remember, too.