Tiny Tales: Missing Persons Ad

We had a first at our house tonight.

A prized possession was lost. Or rather.... left behind.

The object in question was Emersyn's one and only, Blue Star.

As she informed me, Blue Star was the first Beanie Boo she ever got "in the whole world." She (or maybe he) was also wearing her favorite collar. A lime green glow bracelet. 

Blue Star accompanied us to Target. As usual I let both her and Landry know that I wasn't keeping up with anything that they choose to bring in the store. I also advised them both to leave their animals in the car. 

They didn't listen. Blue Star was lost.


This may have been the most heartbreaking episode I've witnessed of Emmy's. You could tell she felt guilty. She was so upset that she cried herself to sleep. Pitiful.... so so pitiful. 

Holly being the amazing friend/neighbor she is drove over after the kids were asleep so I could go back up to Target and search. 


Blue Star is on the run.... and I'm afraid we'll never catch her. Or is it him?

So - keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you see her (or him) roaming the streets. 

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