Royally Waiting: Spring Break Recap...

Truth: I started this post on Sunday and fell asleep. Then fell asleep again on Monday. I'm finally finishing it tonight at 11pm. So I guess the question is... "what the heck am I ROYALLY WAITING for??" let's finish this post already!!

We had the best week at home and managed to check off just about everything on our list! The days were even more fun since Owen was able to join us on Tuesday!

We took a stroll through campus just like the Aggies and I was reminded that I need to do this more often. I hadn't been to some of these spots in years - really reminded me of how lucky I am to work here. The day was perfect, sunny, a little breeze and since it was Spring Break, no one else was walking around. We felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. 

We took a quick trip to Half-Priced Books to spend their Christmas gift cards, got busy crafting in the garage, and began Landry's birthday celebration with donuts!

Wednesday morning also included an Easter egg hunt, complete with cascarones!

The remnants of which remained through the afternoon. :)

We had tons of fun with friends all week long including on our hike through Lick Creek Park*

Somewhere along the week we definitely indulged in ice cream even if I don't have pictures to prove it! One of my favorite activities of the week was spending Landry's birthday morning at the new jump place!! 

I may have had more fun than the kiddos!

I even pulled out the ol' cheerleading moves. 

We of course couldn't pass up our chance to see Kyle Field on our campus visit. This place is really as awesome as it looks on all of your shiny televisions and even better than through my pitiful photography skills!

Landry's birthday was celebrated from morning until night! We started with donuts, presents, and a day full of fun...

before ending with a night full of more fun and friends. We got to celebrate her and her birthday buddy Jack and since this is the second year in a row, it is now officially a tradition!

Friday morning we met the messes and Uncle Pete's crew at the movies for Beauty and the Beast. I can't adequately express how awesome this film is... I am afraid my words would be insignificant. So, just trust me - GO SEE THIS FILM!!! Exquisite, beautiful, magical, fun, whimsical, perfect. 

Somehow we never got around to crossing off "N"... it could be because we were too busy enjoying the awesome weather outside!

The boys played "street tennis" every day so we finally took them to a real court to test their skills. Wimbledon will be here before we know it. 

We crossed off park on our hike at Lick Creek which worked out well since as soon as we got home everyone enjoyed some quiet time. Truth be known, this was the first one Emmy wanted to cross off the list. She woke up on Monday, played for a bit, sat still for 2 minutes and declared, "Ok, Mommy... I've had my quiet time - mark it off!"

We managed to road trip to Waco at the end of the week and I finally stopped in Calvert to snap a pic of the kids in front of this awesome mural. (Landry was snoozing in the car.) (Which wasn't our actual "s" but since we never managed to officially "star gaze", I'll take it.)

Emersyn was sorely disappointed in our attempt to feed the turtles. First of all, they had the nerve to just not show up. Second, when she decided we could feed the ducks instead... THEY RAN AWAY!!! HAHA!

We walked "under trees" on campus, during our hike and basically just to check the mail. The sun managed to shine all week which made a water gun fight the perfect way to cool down.

Yoga was the first item we crossed off and as we finished the video I wondered why this isn't part of our regular routine. 


Please note how dark Emersyn is. Just in general. Not even compared to Landry. I don't know if I will ever quit being shocked by this.

We never made it to the zoo, but I'll take my monkeys over the smelly kind any day of the week!

After all that... I'm now waiting for a nap! Can't wait to see what you've been up to this week - don't forget to link back your post to us! 

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Landry is FIVE...

Well, the big day finally arrived. Landry is officially five years old!! 


How can that possibly be true?? 

I woke up super duper early to go get donuts because for some reason when Gigi is staying with us, the kids wake up by 6am. No matter what. So clearly Landry slept until 8am and I had been awake since 5:45. Ha! 

She is Ryan's daughter through and through and opted for eating donuts before opening presents but the excitement got the best of her and she barely ate before deciding she had to know what was in all of those packages!

Her face was just priceless the entire time. She was excited about everything!! Pokemon cards, doll clothes, doll toys, and Princess Poppy. She was also happy to share hugs all around as her token of gratitude. 

We cleaned up, got dressed and then headed to the newest place in town for fun...


I even joined in the fun and couldn't get enough.
(I actually think this would be an amazingly fun parents night out!!)

We grabbed a bite to eat, said farewell to Gigi and then hello to Daddy!! Ryan coming home early may have been her favorite gift all day. We couldn't waste the afternoon so we grabbed some gear and headed to the skate park....

the girls played on their scooters while the boys ran around that court. 

I mean, you clearly want to stay out of their way.

Emmy eventually decided she wanted to try her hand at tennis...

while Landry opted for perfecting her tricks.

And before we knew it, the time had come for her joint birthday dinner with her bday buddy, Jack. Just a small group of TWENTY-FIVE people. (Which included fifteen children). 

She was obviously having zero fun.

Jack lost his tooth last week and that grin couldn't be any cuter. And all of a sudden Landry looks like a little girl much more than a baby girl. 

Her day was full of friends, family and fun!

And I wouldn't want anything less for her for all the days of her life!

Happy birthday, Landry King. What a gift you are to us!